When people decide to migrate to the United States there is something else that we miss apart from our families and the people we grew up with in our home towns, and that is the taste of our traditional food, drinks and music, because these things make Mexico a special place and in this case the State of Sinaloa.

CULICHITOWN restaurant is dedicated to the typical dishes of the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico; place that is distinguished by its wide gastronomy being seafood the basic ingredient in the preparation of the products that are in the state consumed.

Our restaurant came to the United States thanks to the idea of a “culichi” Misael Guerrero, founder of Culichitown, he wanted to carry out the taste of the food consumed in his hometown was the same as the one consumed by all the Sinaloanses who live in this country.

In 2010 Misael Guerrero decided to prepare the garage of his house in Fontana, CA to start selling sushi and seafood; that’s how the concept of Culichitown was born. After 9 years we are 14 restaurants in Southern California and many other states.

Shrimp Snack

Culichitown started as a family business and we pride ourselves on having a very family environment in all of our locations. Enjoy some of the best Mexican dishes with all your family. Celebrate your birthday, anniversary or even bachelorette party. Everyone is welcomed!

Zarandeado Shrimps

We also use traditional ingredients from the state of Sinaloa with the purpose of having a 100 percent “culichi” taste. The quality of our dishes is a priority of ours, so when you come and order anything from our menu you will definitely feel real Sinaloa style in your mouth.

Hulk Tostada

At CULICHITOWN we prepared our personnel to prepare dishes that taste the same as in Culiacán. We also use traditional ingredients from the state of Sinaloa with the purpose of having a 100 percent “culichi” taste.

We are determined to prepare dishes and drinks the same way  they are prepared in Culiacán, with the purpose of making the thousands of Sinaloenses that live in this country do not feel separated from their cuisine, their people and their traditions.


Offer our diners Japanese rolls and dishes “culichi” style, in addition to preparing typical dishes of Sinaloa gastronomy where seafood and fish are the main ingredient, made with quality products and fresh to satisfy the most demanding palate.


  • Hygiene
  • Commitment
  • Teamwork
  • Service
  • Respect
  • Innovation


To become the leading sinaloense restaurant in the United States, which represents the taste and atmosphere of the “culichis”, this with trained, motivated and committed personnel to put on high and with pride the name of our company.