I remember my arrival in the United States in July 2007, specifically in the state of California, in those times, like many who came to this country in search of better opportunities I had to start from scratch, I worked in different jobs and in each of them I had different responsibilities, tasks that contributed to my personal growth and my future business vision, which created in my greater conviction to consolidate my dream, my true passion, “La Cocina”. This is how the determination of my beginning arrives; I started making tamales to sell from house to house and outside of established businesses, which originated in a certain time problems with the city because in the laws of California it was prohibited to distribute flyers.

To avoid major consequences and continue doing what I have always liked, and take action my art in culinary, in 2010 I decided to prepare the garage of my house in Fontana, to start selling sushi and seafood; by then, I had already won a large number of clients who supported my venture, this because of their preference for the taste, flavor, and flavor of Sinaloa that has always characterized each of our dishes, converting a small business into a big company, where culture, food, and tradition were qualities that dominated every day and made that place more successful and recognized.


Misael Guerrero


“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. Follow your dreams``. (Tony Robbins)

Due to the growing number of clients that we started to earn, after a year it was very difficult to meet the needs of those who visited us, so I decided to invest my savings in a small establishment in the city of Rialto, also aimed at selling sushi and Sinaloa stye food, this little by little was growing, thus born Culichitown, giving tribute to the Culichi people who saw me grow and which inspired me to materialize my dream.

After 2 years of personally working in Rialto, the store no longer had the capacity to serve all customers, and observing the influx of visitors from other cities in Southern California, indicating that there was an important popularity over our gastronomic, that is when our second branch in the City of Bell was established and from then on, with the blessing of God, it allowed us to cover 15 branches in total in different cities in southern California and other states of the country, generating direct jobs for more than 1000 people, and aspiring a greater growth of the brand at a national level. In this way a vision of clear entrepreneurship is materialized, an objective to achieve and a passion that does not stop dreaming.